111016 Happy Birthday HenryLau SJM :)


Saengil Chukae Hamnida Henry Lau SuperJunior M
Happy Birthday Mochi Gege ❤

How are you Gege?
Wish you always fine and be the best 🙂
Wo ai ni Mochiya!

Today , my feel Happy and Sad !
Happy Because today Is your day Gege :), Sad is about Ryeowook Oppa ;(
please say to him ''ELF Is Always Support and Waiting for Him" ❤

Super Junior Complete and also SuperJunior-M is Complete ❤ All is well 🙂

I Just Wanna you're Always be okay and more

Waiting For Gege new project and SuperJuniorM new project!
Happy Birthday Henry Lau

My wish for Henry Lau Gege in he Birthday :
1. Longlife
2. Always Healthy
3. Happy
4. Success
5. Always love us (your fans)



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