100216 Happy Birthday Choi Sooyoung GG :)


Saengil chukae Hamnida too my sooyoung eon 😀
Happy Birthday Choi Sooyoung GG
how are you sis?
I hope you is always fine,fit and healthy ❤

Happy Chinese new year 2567 #monkey!!!
Everyone have a good wish for this year!
Happy Lunar new year Eon 🙂

success for Phantasia tour , when will come to indonesia again?
Please , come to Indonesia for eon and GG !
Indonesia So One so miss SoNyeoShiDae!
I can't live a concert , but I very miss GG #bogoshipoyo

wo ai ni…
Happy Birthday Soo eon 🙂

My wish for Choi Sooyoung eonnie in he Birthday :
1. Longlife
2. Always Healthy
3. Happy
4. Success
5. Always love us (your fans So One)



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