210815 Happy Birthday Kim Kibum SuperJunior :’)


Saengil Chukae Hamnida my killer smile oppa from Super Junior^^Kim Kibum
Happy Birthday 🙂

wish you all the best oppa 🙂
always be the best and the best my kibum ❤

2015 august 18th is oppa finished with S.M.ent
we very sad, and i'm really crying!
It's real! Oppa really no back to Super Junior?, but you is always personal of Super Junior!
That is always real :')

ELF always Waiting for you oppa :')
please, reunion! With team again , for the real finished 🙂

I promise to oppa , I will always support you and my heart is always for you and Super Junior 🙂

wish you all the best for your future and you new life, what are you doing for you future oppa?
Everything is the best , okay?
KeepSpirit #Jiayo

Oppa you is always Kim Kibum of Super Junior!
And I think oppa have many fans :') #Always
EverlastingFriends is always Love you Kim Kibum ❤
Happy Birthday^^

selamat Ulang tahun 🙂

hope to Kim Kibum Oppa birthday:
1. Always Healthy
2. Longlife
3. Happy
4 . Always with SuperJunior(Your is always personal of SuperJunior)
5. Always with ELF 🙂

#HappyKimkibumSJDay 😀

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