070415 Happy Birthday Choi Siwon SJ :)


Saengil Chukae Hamnida Choi Siwon Super Junior

Happy Birthday Siwon oppa🙂

How are you oppa? Always good good😀

hope oppa always healthy, growing and increasingly successful handsome. .😀

I will continue to support and love super junior (y)

has always been the best #WoAiNiMen

I am proud of you and super junior❤ saranghaeyo!

hope to Siwon Oppa birthday:
1. Always Healthy
2. Longlife
3. Happy
4 . Always with Super Junior
5. Always with Everlasting Friend’s🙂


WA: 085274112908
pin: 554CCFEF
IG : Xianz98

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