010814 Happy Birthday Tiffany Hwang GG :)


Saengil chukae hamnida (Happy Birthday) fany eonnie 🙂

how are you sis?
I hope your always okey (y)

Hopefully sister has always been the best and more successful with Snsd 🙂

although not likely to happen but I really hope someday fany eon will see this article 😀

I know the schedule Snsd more solid after Japan will release the latest album and also back concerts in the country The sakura, therefore sister should be maintaining our health and should not be sad because we think something bad happened to sister :’)

our expectations for the future, sister :
1. Healthier always
2. Longevity
3. Increasingly Success with career
4. always happy
5. always with snsd


1 Komentar

  1. celine Haefany

    °å˚k˚ù°  suka ama tiffany saranghaeyo fany -ah

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