010714 Happy Birthday Park Jungsoo SJ :)



Saengil chukae hamnida. . .Saengil chukae hamnida. . .saengil chukae hamnida. . .saengil chukae Leeteuk Oppa 😀

jeongmal2 bogoshipoyo :’)
saranghaeyo. . .

Oppa wish you all the best and Best. . Best
we love you :*

Oppa I’ll start. . First I would say to you that I still faithfully waiting for you and waiting for the comeback 7jib of super junior!

You do not need to fear though this world who hate super junior a lot worse and they moved the hearts! But believe me there are many people in this world who still love and deeply love you.

Impossible if you read this! But I hope you guys can read messages on my message one day, because if you do not have trouble I will always send the article to each member’s birthday 🙂

I believe enduring love you guys though later I will also have a family!

I always say to every person who asks” first love” I always say that my first love Leeteuk oppa leader of Super Junior 🙂

I have a dream to meet you but can not if there is Super Show and you come Indonesia, although the country but I can not go to Jakarta to see you too hard and far to me, you are the shining star you me my long distance family 🙂

I love Super Junior as well as my family who I love 🙂

my hopefully for oppa:

1. Healthier always
2. Longevity
3. Increased
4 success. there is always another side members
5. always love us


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