070414 Happy Birthday Choi Siwon SJ :)


Happy Birthday to you Oppa 🙂
saengil chukae hamnida to you oppa 🙂

What about today oppa?
We hope oppa always okay 🙂

And keep your health because we know your schedule is very dense, plus another drama reportedly oppa was playing the chinese version the Heirs.

Kisses for our little hurt 😀
Always be the best for us all (ELF) and Always with Super junior! I love you ❤
kept our expectations 🙂 oppa’s birthday:
1. Long lifespan
2. Always healthy
3. Increased Successful
4. Always Happy with SJ and ELF
5. Always love us


saranghaeyoo :*

Bagi yang ingin tambah teman kpopers add nae : 085274112908 WA!


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