090214 Happy Birthday Kim Hankyung SJ ;)


Saengil chukae hamnida oppa

Wish you all the best 😉

Wo Ai Ni ❤

Oppa I know you’ll never read this article, even probably never see this. But I really beg the gods so that you can see these posts someday 🙂

we (ELF) still Assume you as our family, one member of our big family, you are forever Hangeng of Super Junior!

We (ELF) to really miss you, really hope you can get back to the Super Junior one day, that’s our greatest hope for this.

Our hope in your birthday is:
1. Always Healthy
2. Long lifespan
3. Increased success in the entertainment world
4. Back with super junior
5. Always with us 😉


我爱你 ❤ 

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