Happy birthday Hangeng SJ #9Feb With Sooyoung GG #10Feb

HBD for han and soo

from: Jessy ELF,SONE And Angel Addict ,indonesian(INA)

TO: Hangeng Oppa :*

Oppa happy birthday 🙂

I will sing for you oppa 🙂

Happy birthday to you. . . happy birthday to you. . . Happy birthday happy birthday to youuuuuu. . .

Hopefully oppa (elder brother) is always healthy, always happy, God Bless You!

Oppa still know E.L.F? And I am an ELF, I will always support you, and also supports Super Junior, Oppa I want you back to super junior!!!

I’ve heard rumors about some 20 years from now, you will get back together, Is that true? I hope everything right! Oppa E.L.F really miss you! Would you also like that?

We ELF will always support you, because you are also included as part of Super Junior!!

I love you oppa :)!

Happy birthday!

HBD Han and Soo

From: Jessy,ELF,SONE ,And Angel Addict ,Indonesian(INA)

To: Sooyoung Eonni :*

Happy birthday eonni (sister) 🙂 While sister birthday tomorrow, but I’ll ucapin first 🙂

How’s sister? Hopefully healthy always, happy to be with all the members Girls’Gneration, I Fans you all, I am also including the Super Generation Shipper!!!

How are you now? My sister wanted to be able to read this letter from me!

I love you!!

God bess You sister 🙂

Happy birthday 🙂

I’m Jessy, Angel Addict, Super generation shipper from INA 🙂


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